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Sinem – Medium Writing Academy

What if I told you making money through your writing is not only possible but easier than ever before?

Hi, I’m Sinem

…an entrepreneur, author, and coach and I are here to support you on your way to building a thriving writing business through Medium.

I’m a 15x Top Writer and every day, thousands of people are reading my posts about personal growth, business, and social media.

No matter if you want to make a full-time income from your writing, become a Top Writer and industry expert, or grow an audience of raving fans, all of that is possible through Medium and I’m here to support you in building your writing empire.

Make an income through your writing

Through Medium, it’s easier than ever before to build an audience and get paid for your writing.

You don’t need to do email marketing, share your posts on social media or ask your friends to read your posts. Instead, you can focus on writing great content and building an audience that is interested in your message.

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